Are you looking to reduce the costs of manual labor at your business or just make the production or manufacturing process easier across the board? One way you might be able to accomplish these goals would be to install solenoid valves to assist you with your fluid management. Here's why solenoid valves might be the right fit for your production line.

Open and Close Remotely

When you install solenoid valves, you will be able to open and close the valves at any time using a remote control. That means you don't need any workers down by the production line to manually open or close any valves right at the site of production. This offers more convenience and will also allow you to reassign workers to other spots along the production line.

Respond to Specific Conditions

While solenoid valves can be closed remotely, they can also be set up to respond to a wide variety of conditions. For example, you could have the system set up to open or close a certain valve as soon as the liquid flowing through the system reaches a certain temperature and then make another change after the temperature has reached a different level again. This means you won't have to have human workers monitoring any of these specific conditions because the system will take care of everything automatically.

Automated Valves Are Faster

If you need an extremely precise level of liquid when measuring out how much you will let flow through the valves before shutting things down, you will likely find that automated valves are faster than manual ones. An automated computer system can close the valves in a fraction of a second, compared with a human that must first figure out that the valves need to be closed before manually pushing a button or pulling a lever. That extra second might be valuable to you depending on what your company is producing.

Multiple Input Signals

Solenoid valves can be built to work with a wide variety of controls or input signals to fit your exact setup. For example, you can use a digital signal, an analog signal, or even air pressure to let the system know when you want the valves to be opened or closed. Get custom valves from a local manufacturer and you can simply plug them into your existing setup without having to make a major adjustment like upgrading from analog to digital equipment. Talk to a local custom solenoid valve manufacturer today to discuss your specific needs.