If someone you know has been arrested and needs help to get out of jail, the best way to help them get out of jail is by getting a bail bond. A bail bond can assist you with paying your loved one's bail and getting them out of jail.

1. Bail Is a Right

When one is arrested and placed in jail, one has the right to go before a judge and hear the charges set against them. Once they hear those charges, they have the right to be afforded bail. Bail can only be denied if a judge determines that the person is a flight risk or threat to the community based on the available evidence and information. That generally only happens in the event that the person has committed a violent crime.

2. The Judge Determines Bail 

With most other offenses, there are predetermined bail amounts associated with specific offenses. When one appears before the judge to hear the charges against them, they or their attorney can ask the judge to lower the bail amount based upon their personal circumstances. State law allows the judge the discretion to adjust the bail amount, to set conditions on bail, or drop it altogether.

3. Bail Is an Incentive

When bail is set, you have to pay a set amount to get out of jail until your case is heard in court. The amount you pay is to act as an incentive so that you return to court for your case. If you don't show up to court, your bail can be revoked, which means that you lose the money you put up for your bail. If you attend all of your court dates, you will get your bail money back no matter the outcome of the case.

4. Bail Bonds Assist in Paying Bail

Next, not everyone can afford to pay the full bail amount. That is where bail bond companies come into play. Bail bond companies post your full bail for you in exchange for a small fee and some collateral. The small fee is dictated by state rules in most states and represents a small portion of the overall bail cost. The fee pays the bail company. If you attend court, the bail company gets the money they posted for your bail back at the end of your case, and they make a small fee. If you don't show up for court, the bail company will collect on your collateral to pay back the amount they posted for the bail and keep the fee you paid.

If your loved one is in jail, contact a bail agency right away. You can get the paperwork started so that you can pay their bail after they appear in court with the assistance of the bail company. Keep in mind that if you help with assisting someone with paying bail, you will be responsible as well for making sure that they show up for their court dates, so be sure you are ready to take on that responsibility.