A lot of people who become gold buyers typically make public announcements of times and places where they will buy broken gold jewelry and gold coins. However, with the number of people getting into this business, you may need to get creative. There are a couple strange places where you may find and buy gold, but you do have to approach these places with some tact. Here are those places and the most tactful ways to breach the subject of buying gold.

Funeral Homes

When funeral homes prepare bodies for burial, they typically remove gold items, such as gold teeth and jewelry, before laying it in a coffin or casket, or cremating the body. The purpose of removing the gold items is to prevent grave-robbing and melting the gold into a lump in the cremains. The gold items are given back to surviving family members, unless the family members do not want them. 

You can present your cards to funeral homes with an offer to buy these unwanted gold items. You may also tactfully request to set your business cards in the foyer for family members to pick up, in case any of the family members would like to sell these gold items to you to support the funeral costs of their loved ones. You should never directly approach grieving family members regarding the topic of your business, as it may be perceived as insensitive or uncouth.

Dentist's Offices

Dentists may have a small amount of gold laying around. They may have also recently removed a rotten, gold-covered tooth or two. Arrange a meeting with a dentist (each dentist individually) to discuss what it is you do, and then leave the dentists with your business card. You may be surprised by a call one day from a dentist that has a few gold teeth for you, or a lump of gold he/she no longer needs when he/she stops making gold crowns on teeth for patients.

Petroleum Drilling Companies

Where there is oil, there is gold. It is uncommon knowledge, but nonetheless a truth; gold is regularly found near crude oil in the earth. Sometimes, petroleum drilling companies pull gold out of the ground along with the oil. Since the drilling companies are not really after the gold, they collect it and sell it to gold buyers who have the foresight to visit drilling sites and make a request to buy gold.

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