When you put items into a storage unit, they will often have some monetary value. If the items were stolen or destroyed, you could file an insurance claim to get reimbursed for what was lost. But, important documents are different in that they do not hold a monetary value, but you may want to do everything that you can to keep them in excellent condition for years or forever.

If you plan on renting a storage unit from a company like SaveMor Self Storage LTD and putting such documents inside, you should consider a few qualities worth prioritizing that will help you have a pleasant storage experience.

Covered Loading Bay

Even if you may be determined to get an indoor storage unit, you may be worried about the process that it takes to get inside. From your own home, you can park in the garage, load up your vehicle, and then head to the storage unit to prevent any documents from being exposed to the elements. One useful feature that will give you peace of mind is a covered loading bay.

This will make it possible to get from your home to the inside of your storage unit without having to worry about rain or snow contacting any boxes, folders, or documents.

Climate Control

Another feature that you will need in your storage unit is climate control. This is crucial because you do not want humidity to rise high enough to dampen your important documents. If a document experiences long-term exposure to high humidity, the text could become hard to read. An effective solution is to make sure the storage unit that you rent is climate-controlled.


When you drive around the complex to reach the loading bay and walk around the facility to reach your storage unit, you do not want lighting to be a problem. So, you may want to take a tour around each storage facility that you are interested in to compare the lighting. A well-lit place will make you feel better about walking around and minimize your chance of tripping.


Storage facilities invest in all sorts of security measures to protect the belongings inside. A great start is an entry gate that requires a PIN code to get inside. An indoor facility that also requires a PIN to access is another way to maximize the security for your storage unit on the inside.

Prioritizing these qualities will give you confidence to put important documents into storage.