If your business offers spray foam insulation services, you may be considering purchasing a spray foam trailer. A spray foam trailer houses all of the items you need to insulate a home with spray foam and powers the hoses that spray this type of foam. But, what you may not realize is that there are many differences among the various types of spray foam trailers that are available to purchase. Before you head out to buy one, here are a few of the differences you need to take into consideration. 

The Trailer or Rig Type

One of the differences among various types of spray foam trailers is the trailer or rig itself. Some are made using small or large bumper pull trailers, others feature gooseneck trailers and others are made from box trucks. If you do not have and do not want to purchase a truck to haul the trailer, a box truck is ideal for you. If you have a truck to haul the trailer, you can consider bumper pull or gooseneck trailers. How the trailer attaches to the truck and how it operates varies based on the type, so be sure to research both options to decide which is better for you. 

How the Spray Rig is Powered

Another factor to take into account as you are looking to purchase a spray foam trailer is how the equipment inside of the trailer is powered. Some trailers have equipment that is designed to be powered by gas, some by generator and some by shore power, basically meaning you connect to your customer's electric supply and use their electricity. There are pros and cons to each power source, so take the time to determine which is ideal for you based on the cost, lifespan, and power availability for the buildings you are insulating. 

The Layout of the Spray Rig

The last element that varies from trailer to trailer is the layout inside of the trailer. Most spray foam trailers house hoses, proportioners, a work bench, tools, insulation material, compressors, air dryers and even generators. But how these items are laid out vary based on the trailer manufacturer. Think about it like a kitchen when you are buying a new home. Every home has a kitchen with many of the same items. But some layouts work better for you based on your cooking habits and needs. The same is true with a spray rig layout. Some layouts may be better for you based on your work habits. 

Spray foam trailers can be made from different rig or trailer types, power the equipment that sprays the foam in different ways and are laid out differently. Knowing this information allows you to research the different options that are available to you and then select the trailer with the features that are ideal for your spray foam insulation business. For more information, contact companies like Spray Equipment and Coatings Inc.