After a janitorial service employee mops or otherwise cleans a tiled floor, the water that remains can make the surface slippery. For liability reasons, it's imperative for the employee to place one or more signs on the floor that indicate that the floor is wet. Most people have seen the traditional yellow wet floor signs, but not everyone has seen the newer signs that are shaped like bananas. Investing in a collection of these signs to use for your janitorial service can be a smart idea for a number of reasons. Here are three reasons to use banana-shaped wet floor signs.

They're More Noticeable

Even though banana-shaped wet floor signs are yellow and roughly the same size as their traditional counterparts, you can often expect that people will notice them more easily. Traditional wet floor signs are so common that people can often walk right past them without this information registering — and this could leave some individuals at risk of slipping and falling on the wet floor. Banana-shaped signs are unique enough that people are less likely to overlook them, and this can be the difference between someone falling and getting hurt and someone carefully navigating the wet floor and remaining upright.

They Remind People Of Slipperiness

Banana peels are often synonymous with slipperiness, which means that when people see your banana-shaped wet floor signs, they should automatically think about the risk of falling. A traditional A-shaped wet floor sign may alert people to the wet floor, but some buildings have enough signs in them that a person walking toward the sign may not immediately think about slippery surfaces — he or she may simply think that the sign is displaying a random rule that may not be relevant. Few adults will look at a banana peel image and not imagine slipping and falling, which will make them more apt to be careful.

They Provide A Smile

Regardless of where your janitorial service is working, it's nice to be able to brighten peoples' days. Traditional wet floor signs won't do the above, but a banana-shaped sign may. This is especially true for those who haven't previously seen this type of sign, and kids will also get a smile out of these signs — and this can provide parents with a valuable opportunity to educate their children about the dangers of slippery floors. Whether in a hospital, an office building, or a condo, brightening peoples' days with your signs is a bonus.

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