There are several different approaches that you can take when it comes to securely storing your firearms in a gun safe in your home. Some gun owners favor having multiple small safes throughout the residence. The primary advantage of this idea is that if you need to access a gun, there's a good chance that you'll be able to retrieve one without having to go too far. Another option to consider is having just one gun safe that is large enough to hold all of your firearms. You can find this type of safe at any retailer that specializes in gun safes. Here are some reasons to favor one large gun safe over multiple smaller safes.

Easier Organization

You may find that having one large gun safe allows you to keep your firearms more organized. When you use multiple safes, it can be easy to forget where to find a certain firearm. For example, you might think that you've placed a particular gun in one of your safes, only to find that it's not there. You'd then need to open each of your other safes until you track down the gun in question. With one safe, you'll feel confident in knowing that all of your firearms are contained within this one unit.

One Key Or Code

If you were to have multiple gun safes throughout your home, you'd have either a key for each of the safes or a code for each safe. Having several different keys or codes can be a hassle. For example, when you want to open one safe, you'd need to find the appropriate key to do so. If your gun safes use access codes, you'd need to remember which code opens which safe. When you choose to have just a single safe in your home, you'll only need to keep track of one key and remember one code.

Less Space Usage

If you're thinking about buying several gun safes, it's worthwhile to consider the space that they collectively take up and then compare these dimensions with the space that one gun safe would take up. Even if the one gun safe is large, there's a good chance that multiple gun safes would take up more floor space in your home than one large one. Choosing to have one large safe instead of several can help to limit clutter, particularly if your home is on the smaller side.