In the days that lead up to a loved one's funeral, especially if the funeral will take place in a different state, you'll likely have a lengthy to-do list. One thing to think about is how you and your family will travel to the funeral. If you're in charge of arranging the travel for a large group of family members, you may wish to consider booking a private jet charter. This unique method of transportation offers a number of advantages during this difficult time. Here are some reasons that using a private jet to travel to a funeral can be a good decision.

Simple And Easy Travel

Arranging a private jet to carry you and your extended family to a funeral in a different state will often be simpler and easier than booking commercial airfare for a large group of people. Booking multiple air tickets for your family can have all sorts of challenges. It can be difficult to get all of the seats together, especially when you're booking at the last minute. This can mean that you need to scramble to ensure that the youngest and oldest members of your family can sit with someone who can assist them when needed. When you book a jet to carry your group, such hassles won't be a factor.

Time To Grieve

The trip to a funeral can be emotional for a lot of people. During this time, it's common to reflect on the somber nature of the moment. For many people, having these emotions on a commercial flight can be awkward and unpleasant. For example, someone may not want to openly cry in front of strangers because they'd worry about making a scene. Your private jet provides a space in which your family can grieve together without drawing the attention of non-family members.

Better For Traveling With An Urn

Depending on the time of the funeral, you might be carrying an urn with the person's cremated remains. For example, if the funeral is being held several weeks or even months after the person's passing, it's common to already have the urn. Flying commercial with an urn can present challenges. You might be worried about someone knocking over the urn and damaging it, or other passengers seeing it and giving you weird looks, for example. You'll likely feel better about traveling with the urn on a private jet. The hands-on attention that you get from the crew will give you the confidence that the urn will stay safe for your trip. Contact a private jet charter company to learn about booking a flight for an upcoming funeral.

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