Well pumps come with various options and capacities, depending on the application you'll use them for and how much water is at stake. Therefore, if you want to acquire commercial water well drilling services to install a well system, you need to know what type of well pump you'll need.

With the help of professionals who offer commercial water well drilling services, you can choose one that suits your needs. Here are the types of well pumps you can choose from:

1. Jet Well pumps

Jet pumps are best for shallow wells that are up to 25 feet deep. You'll locate this pump above the ground. Jet pumps have two different pump chambers. One of them is above ground and one below the waterline.

Jet pumps pull water from the well into your business using suction. The suction causes a vacuum in the jet housing, which pulls water through one or more small nozzles and into the diffuser housing. The diffuser increases the water's velocity, forcing it to the above-ground storage tank.

2. Submersible Well Pumps

The submersible pump's location is at the bottom of a well. You'll find these pump models more energy-efficient than jet models. Submersible pumps use pressure rather than suction to get water into your business. A motor drives an impeller that moves water from the bottom of the well through your plumbing system.

3. Hand Water Pump

This pump type is the most common in many homes. Hand pumps are small, and you can run them by hand or by power. Most are battery-powered, but some are electrically powered. Use this pump type if you run a small business that can afford the laxity of time and manual operations.

4. Deep-well Turbine Pumps

Deep-well turbine pumps use the same principle as submersible models. They have longer pump shafts, which allow them to reach depths of 400 feet. Deep-well turbine pumps also need an electric motor to drive them. However, you may find some that are driven by gasoline engines.

5. Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps use rotating impellers to force fluids to exit the pump through the discharge nozzle. An electric motor or other sources of mechanical power drives the impeller.

You'll use centrifugal pumps for pumping liquids with small solid impurities, such as groundwater. However, don't use this pump for high-pressure applications because the pump requires very high speeds to achieve high pressure. They are also not suitable for low-pressure applications because they need a minimum amount of head to operate.


The type of well pump you choose for your business depends on your needs, budget, and business size. But before all these things, you need to pay attention to the quality of your well pump! Commercial water well drilling services will also come in handy in your decision-making process.