When you own a printing company, your main agenda is to provide services your customers want. From custom t-shirts to custom business cards for your clients, you always have the supplies and services to keep your customers happy.

Consider selling one more thing: custom imprinted wall calendars. Here's a look at why you should offer custom imprinted wall calendars in your printing shop.

1. You reach both business and non-business customers

Wall calendars are the type of product that everyone can benefit from, so all your customers can be drawn to a purchase like this. Custom imprinted wall calendars for sale can appeal to a person who wants to create a custom gift for a parent or other loved one, or can be great for businesses who want to put their own company images on wall calendars for promotional purposes.

To get the most out of listing custom imprinted wall calendars for sale for your customers, offer different sized options so wall calendars, personal calendars, and other types of calendars can be available at varying price points for your customers to choose from. Offer a bulk purchasing option for businesses so they can choose your company first for promotional custom printed items.

2. You have great profit and little overhead

You likely have many of the supplies and technology needed to create custom imprinted wall calendars already, which means you can make a great profit with little overhead when you make custom imprinted wall calendars for sale in your business. While custom orders will be your main form of business, you may not have to wait until you get these orders to make wall calendars; have a few traditional wall calendars printed of your own company designs to sell to the masses or use as your own promotional calendars as you see fit.

3. You have something that can be promoted during the slower seasons

If you have slow seasons of the year where you don't have many sales, consider putting the next years' custom imprinted wall calendars for sale around these times. You can have an influx of custom sales and keep your profits higher, all in just adding one new thing to your list of inventory.

Do your research to see what types of custom imprinted wall calendars appeal to the widest audience so you can market your inventory accordingly. The right calendars should be good yearly sellers for your customers.