The fuel tank on your boat is more than likely going to go out long before your boat is ready to come off the water. When your fuel tank starts to degrade or leak, it is time to get a new custom marine fuel tank made for your boat.

Extracting a fuel tank, and putting in a new fuel tank, can be a very involved process. You want to make sure that you choose the right material for your new marine fuel tank. The two most popular fuel marine tank materials are plastic poly and aluminum.

Material Type #1: Plastic Poly

When it comes to materials for your fuel tank, one of the most common types of fuel tanks material is a plastic poly material. A plastic fuel tank can be custom made for your boat, generally at a lower cost than other materials.

Plastic tanks are extremely durable and great for storing gasoline. However, if you are fueling your boat with diesel, you are not going to want to use a plastic tank. Plastic tanks have great tensile strength, and strong seams that can stand up to lots of usage over time.

On the other hand, plastic tanks eventually take on the smell of the fuel inside and can become really smelly. Most plastic fuel tanks also don't have baffles to limit the movement of fuel inside, which can put extra stress on the fuel tank.

However, plastic is also not capable of corroding, which is great in a moisture rich environment. If you want an affordable custom marine tank, a plastic fuel tank can be custom made for your boat.

Material Type #2: Aluminum

The second type of material used to create custom marine fuel tanks is aluminum. Aluminum fuel tanks usually cost more than plastic fuel tanks. However, aluminum fuel tanks, when taken care of properly, can last decades. The key to getting an aluminum fuel tank to last that long is to keep it properly coated so that it never starts to corrode.

Aluminum marine fuel tanks use baffles. The baffles help to keep the fuel from moving around, which helps keep the fuel stable. If you go out on rough waters, like the ocean, or if you leave your boat sitting out in the harbor, you are going to want an aluminum fuel tank.

Aluminum marine fuel tanks are very strong. They can withstand being banged up a little bit without the integrity of the fuel tank being compromised.

If your fuel tank is getting worn out, it is time to find a company to fabricate a new custom marine fuel tank. If you want something affordable, go with a plastic fuel tank. If you want something that will last for decades, invest in a custom marine aluminum fuel tank.