Maintaining a clean workplace is absolutely essential. Few employees would be happy about showing up to perform their job duties in an environment that is full of clutter and debris. It's relatively easy to keep the common areas clean. There are commercial cleaning service workers out there who will gladly come in each night and get the building all cleaned up and ready for another day of business. However, you may not want to rely solely on an outside cleaning crew. It's one thing to clean, but another thing to sanitize. Find out why buying bulk hand sanitizer and making it readily accessible to your team is a step in the right direction.

Hand Sanitizing Gel Is Very Convenient

Take a moment to think about how often you and your staff use your hands throughout the day. It's quite common to get busy on important phone calls just when you should be going to lunch. In these cases, rather than disappoint a high-profile client, it seems wiser to simply open the desk drawer and pull out a quick snack that you can start eating right there on the spot. This may seem like a completely harmless gesture but there is more to that move than what meets the eye.

Consider this startling piece of information:  There are anywhere between 2 and 10 million bacteria on just your fingertips and elbows alone. It's hard to come to grips with this fact if you just look at your hands with the naked eye. They look so clean! However, a deeper investigation reveals a different truth.

Now, think about what could happen if you just pop that tasty morsel into your mouth without washing your hands. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer right there on your desk allows you to clear away some of those germs so you can protect both yourself and the client at the same time.

Buying In Bulk Keeps Hand Sanitizer At The Ready

The more hand sanitizer you can purchase at the same time, the fewer trips you'll have to make to the store. You won't have to deal with disgruntled employees who are upset because the hand sanitizer containers seem to be more full of air than gel!

Keeping as many forms of bacteria away from your office could be a key way to keep sticky fingers to a minimum. Stock up on hand sanitizer today and promote its usage all throughout your commercial facility.