Disposing of documents the right way is important. After all, if documents are not properly shredded and disposed of, then you have to worry about paper clutter piling up or about your sensitive information being read by the wrong person. You could be planning on hiring a document shredding service for personal documents, or you might want to hire one of these services to help with documents for your business. Either way, you'll want to ask these questions when hiring one of these services.

What Steps are Taken to Protect Sensitive Information?

If you are having personal documents shredded, then you could be worried about information like your social security number, address, date of birth and more being protected. If you are having business documents protected, then you may have to worry both about company information being protected and customer information being kept secure and private. Luckily, the best document shredding companies take various steps to protect sensitive information, such as by keeping documents in a locked box that cannot be seen through and making sure that documents are shredded into small enough pieces that no information can be gathered from them. For peace of mind, you may want to ask about the security steps that your document shredding service uses in particular.

Does Your Company Recycle?

Of course, one of your concerns about disposing of so many paper documents might relate to how the environment is impacted by those documents. If at all possible, you are probably hoping that those documents will be recycled after they are shredded. Luckily, a lot of document shredding services do recycle documents, but you can ask to make sure that you're working with a company that has as much of a concern about the environment as you do.

How Should I Prepare My Documents for Shredding?

You will probably want to ask how your documents should be prepared for shredding. You may be asked to remove staples and paperclips, for example, since they can damage the shredding machine or get in the way of the shredding process. You may be asked to remove documents from folders or binders. Each document shredding service handles things a little differently, so it does not hurt to ask about what your company's preferences are. By having documents properly prepared before you drop them off, you can help make sure that everything is shredded as it should be, and you can potentially avoid extra charges.

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