If your preteen is having a birthday and you would like to give them a bracelet, you will find many types of bracelets to choose from. Below are three of these types to help you choose what your preteen would like best for their wrist.

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are wearing two or more bracelets at the same time. They are called bangles because the bracelets bangle when the arm is moved. Bangle bracelets generally do not have any type of clasp or opening but instead, they are slipped onto the wrist. Because of this, you need to make sure the size of the bracelet is right so it will not easily fall off your preteen's wrist. There are bangles that allow you to adjust the size, however.

You can find these bracelets in a variety of materials, such as sterling silver, gold, wood, leather, and much more. There are also bangle bracelets that are made with small stones attached to either other in a circle. Some of the bracelets have charms attached to them.

Charm Bracelet

If your preteen loves charms, a charm bracelet would be the perfect gift for them. These bracelets are usually made of gold or silver. Small charms are attached to the bracelet. The bracelet itself has a toggle clasp.

When it comes to the charms you have a wide variety to choose from. You can purchase these in jewelry stores or online. Choose charms that go well with your preteen. For example, if they love volleyball you can get a charm shaped like a volleyball. One great thing about charm bracelets is the charms can be changed easily so your preteen can change the way their bracelet looks. Because of this, purchase extra charms they can use when they are ready for a change.

ID Bracelet

An ID bracelet is made of silver, gold, bronze, or other materials, and feature a plate. You can have a message or your preteen's name engraved on the plate or charm. This could be their name or the name of them and their best friend. You could also choose a message from you or choose a quote that goes well with your preteen's personality.

The plates used come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You could also have the name of your daughter made in individual letters if you do not want a plate. You can find these bracelets in most jewelry stores. You can also find them online. Find an establishment that will do the engraving for you, if possible. If not, you can find an engraver on your own.

Consider purchasing more than one bracelet for your preteen for their birthday.