Storage units offer the opportunity for you to store things that you do not have space for at home. Finding the right self storage unit for your items may depend on what the items are. Some items need to be stored inside a unit with climate control, while others are not as sensitive. 

Local Storage

One of the biggest considerations when hunting for storage space is the location. If you have a storage unit that is a long distance from your home, every time you need to add or remove an item, you have to deal with the inconvenience of driving the distance to the storage unit and back. If you can get a storage unit close to home, you can avoid the long driving time, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to going to the storage facility.

Inside, Climate Controlled Storage

If you are looking for a storage unit that is inside another building, you may need to pay a little more for the unit, but there are some benefits to having a unit that is a little more protected. Often the interior units have climate control in the building, which can help if you need to keep moisture and humidity out of the unit. Storing paper, art, or items that can mold or rot in these units will help preserve your perishable items. The best way to store these items in an airtight container, but if you don't have that option, the consistent temperature and climate in these buildings may be worth any extra cost.

Organizing You Storage Unit

When you start adding items to your storage unit, make sure that the boxes or containers are marked well so you can see what is in them without having to take the whole stack or move all the things in the unit around. Load your unit so that your items are in a u-shape around the outside of the unit to start with. Add the labels on your boxes on the front or the face of the box so that you can look quickly around the space to find the box you need. 

Keep Things Dry

Before you put your items into storage, place some wooden pallets on the floor and then stack your boxes and items on the pallets. The space under the pallets will allow air to move around your items, and if any water gets into the unit, the boxes and your precious items will be above the water and safe from damage.