Implementing employee awards in your business is a great way to boost company morale. These awards can be a part of incentive programs and help you boost productivity since employees can earn extra cash, prizes, and the like. In the past, you may have manually chosen stand-out employees by yourself or with a panel of managers.

However, there are many software products now that can help streamline this process. Read on to see why employee award nomination software can help your business.

Free Up Your Time

Time is money, and although employee awards are worthwhile, the choosing process can sometimes take a long time—especially when you are trying to decide on the results with other team members. Nomination software is beneficial because it can keep track of data, such as previous winners, so you don't have repeat entries. You can set up parameters so you can quickly narrow down the short list among hundreds of employees.

Eliminate Bias and Favoritism

As a manager, you do your best to eliminate favoritism and see different points of views. However, this can be easier said than done. You may like all of your employees, but it's human nature to gravitate to those with similar interests. Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business conducted a survey that showed that 92% of senior executives believed that favoritism played a role in promotions.

The great benefit of employee award nomination software is that you can edge out the human element and strictly look at the facts. For instance, if you want to do employee awards based on attendance records, you can link this software to your electronic time cards to see who has absences and who comes to work early. Other facts that this software can look at includes things like

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Meeting a sales quota
  • Putting in overtime

Help Employees with Career Development

If you are seeing a lot of turnover, you may want to look at your incentives and upward mobility. Employees tend to gravitate to businesses that foster new talent and expand employee duties and skills—and companies that reward such advancements. Employee nomination software can help you recognize extra certification and training people have put in on their own time.

Recognize Data That Is Difficult to Quantify

If your company is growing, you may have other managers oversee other departments. This means that you may only have a real eye on employee nominations within your expertise or employee work that has easily quantifiable data (e.g., sales). While nomination software can be set to look at hard data, it can also be used to look at data that can be difficult to quantify. Some things this software can help you track are achievements based on

  • Company loyalty
  • Good work ethics
  • Creativity
  • Peer feedback
  • Customer feedback

For instance, one employee may finish a project early and on time, but the overall work may be sloppy. Nomination software not only tracks the volume of work, but it can track a completion status based on specific needs—like a document that meets the correct in-house style guide and formatting requirements. This software can help you figure out who truly deserves a production-based bonus or paid-time off.

Syncs with Other Implemented Programs

Many companies incorporate health and wellness incentive programs since healthier employees are more productive, have fewer sick days, and make fewer workers' comp claims. Although it's ideal that all of your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle, awards and other incentives certainly help. Sync up your award nomination software with your wellness program. For instance, if an employee meets a milestone on the nomination software, he or she could win a gum discount or a rebate for gym-equipment.

As you can see, there are many benefits to be had from employee recognition software. Contact a business that specializes in this software to see what would fit your company culture best.