If you have been on the fence about granite upgrades and refurbishments to your home, don't be. There is no time like the present to update and enhance your current home's kitchen, bath, and living spaces with the beauty, resilience, and satisfaction of natural granite stone.

Six reasons why now's the time to invest in granite home refinishes are as follows.

1. The Options

The natural stone selections awaiting may be overwhelming; consider which areas make the most sense to upgrade, such as your kitchen island and counter, first. Focus on one area or feature that would benefit and consider cost-cutting approaches, like prefabricated granite sheets when slab is out of your budget. The wide range of choices and availability makes this the perfect time for consumers to consider their granite options.

2. The Versatility

There is so much versatility when you upgrade with granite. Granite never goes out of style, so it will adapt and enhance any interiors, color schemes, or décor that you surround it with. Granite is an investment that won't require homeowners to replace or update, as it is timeless and a coveted feature among home buyers and realtors.

3. The Aesthetics

Probably the biggest reason that homeowners go with granite is the aesthetic appeal; granite is simply stunning. Whether you use it for flooring, counters, vanities, or fire pits, the look of natural granite enhances and elevates your curb appeal value, both inside and out.

4. The Maintenance

Don't forget that granite is an easy-to-maintain material. It is rugged and resilient to extreme temperatures, making it a great option for high-traffic areas and surfaces. Granite is not vulnerable to the environment that other materials are, such as tile which can easily crack or laminate which can burn or scorch.

5.The Longevity

Longevity is yet another reason why consumers buy granite. Granite stone can last over a hundred years when installed properly, which includes professional sealing. This makes it an investment in your home that you will not have to make again during your lifetime; why would you want any other material?

6. The Value

When you look at the overall benefits of high-end upgrades, like granite surfaces, it makes sense to also consider the value that granite has if and when you resell your home. Since buyers look for details like granite when shopping for homes, granite can give you a leg up in the real estate market, holding its value longer than other finishes or features.

Talk to stone contractors from companies like Rocky Mountain Marble Restoration about how you can improve your home with natural granite. Consider these six reasons why it makes sense to upgrade now to the beauty, durability, and longevity of granite finishes.