Have you ever used a pressure washing machine or a sandblasting machine before? No? Well, they are not that difficult to use, which is why you probably got your new job despite the lack of experience. If your new boss did not tell you yet, you are going to need some gear to keep yourself clean and dry on the job. 

Rain Boots

Waterproof boots of any kind, whether they are rain boots or "wellies" from a company like Ben's Cleaner Sales are definitely a good idea. You will keep your feet dry during pressure washing, and you will keep the sand out while you are sandblasting. Avoid buying anything with a tongue and laces, as water and sand typically go right through these and into the boots while you are working.

Rain Coat/Slicker/Poncho

Find something that covers your entire torso, arms, and most of your legs. It can be a raincoat, a slicker or even a giant rain poncho. If you are going to be working in cool weather as well as warm, you might want to buy a lined raincoat for cooler weather and the poncho for warmer weather. Both (or all of the above!) should repel water and sand effortlessly. If they do not protect you against the backsplash of the cleaning materials of your job, you do not have the right rain gear for work. (Additionally, if you are going to be working in all kinds of weather, including rain, it just makes sense to invest in this stuff because you cannot carry an umbrella and aim a pressurized hose at the same time!)

Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves

When the weather turns cold and you have to blast graffiti and ice off the side of a building, you are definitely going to wish that you had waterproof cold weather gloves. They are not too bulky. A special thermal liner inside these gloves keeps water, snow, and ice from getting past the liner to your hands and fingers.

Face Shield or Goggles

Have you ever had a speck of sand land in your eye at the beach? Using a sandblaster machine that uses sand to remove paint or raw egg from an exterior surface is likely to kick back more than a speck of sand. You need to protect your eyes from the sand back spray. The goggles or face shield keep your face dry when you are using a pressure washer, too.